Welcome to VibrantSA. We are a collective of likeminded hospitality venue owners and staff, festival directors, music venues, clubs and artists who believe strongly in maintaining a vibrant Adelaide.

Adelaide’s vibrancy is at risk. 

License increases of up to 600% will force many venues to reduce hours – creating lock-out laws by stealth – or close entirely.

The new Police Tax proposed for festivals will create a cost burden on festivals, which will cost jobs and will result in festivals skipping Adelaide, increasing (or in the case of free to enter events, implementing) ticket prices.

We are ‘The Festival State’. Vibrant SA wants to work with government to ensure that our state lives up to our name.

A vibrant Adelaide is a place that is buzzing day and night, attracting visitors from interstate and internationally – and creating jobs and a lifestyle that keeps our young and creative people here for the long term. 


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